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Thanks for taking time to read the information below. It doesn’t matter whether you are young or old everyone has the skills and experience to create a difference to young people in Loose Swiss and the Scouting community. Loose Swiss maybe an old group (that just comes with a lot of traditions) but we are also a modern and diverse group that is always trying to develop and bring new experiences to the young people of Loose.

Challenge Yourself?

We are always looking for volunteers and leaders to help us deliver the diverse and challenging programme that we want to for the young people of Loose.

As you have seen above we have many different roles and there is always a job for someone, whether you have very limited time or have lots of time to give up or want to take on a new challenge.

Being part of Loose is not just about providing for young people it is also about YOU! You have a chance to meet new people be part of a great team in Loose Swiss and this is your chance to shape the future. We always have time for personal challenges and development no matter what you want to do. You can also obtain skills for like first aid or having the ability to take children away for a night under the stars.

Scouts can make you feel good in other ways too. We’ll guide you to an opportunity where you’ll:

  • Make friends and meet people
  • Try new things and challenge yourself
  • Get outdoors and get stuck in
  • Learn your own skills
  • Positively impact your community
  • Create vital opportunities for young people
  • Make memories that’ll last a lifetime

If you can only occasionally help, that’s OK. Whether you’d like to be an activity planner, tea-maker or craft creator, we appreciate any time you can spare. – Contains information about Volunteering with the Scouts

Click here to download our information Pack (PDF)


With the Size of Loose Swiss we have a number of varying roles that anyone can get involved in, these are not time dependent i.e. the number of hours you have to give up They each have different roles and responsibilities.


A Trustee will sit on a selected committee who includes the Chair, Treasurer and GSL. The Trustees have the overall responsibility for governance, finance and accountability for the group.

The Trustees meet 4 times a year including the AGM and have equal legal and moral responsibilities these include but are not limited to:_

  • Manage the groups money to ensure there is enough money for now and in the future. Including the agreement and management of budgets
  • Follow Scouts policies and relevant legislation and ensure these are being managed and followed within the group
  • Look after buildings, insurance and property   
  • Manage risks, which includes maintaining a risk register and put the right risk mitigations in place.    
  • Help the charity to operate well, today and in the future   
  • Work with Lead Volunteers to meet their charity aims.
    • Champion the volunteering culture, and make sure volunteers are aware of it, reflect on it, commit to it, and apply it in their teams.   


A Leader role can come in many different variations but this is generally the most hands on role in scouting and includes interaction with the young people. This is sometimes classed as the biggest challenge but also the most rewarding. A Leader would normally have an association with one particular section ie cubs or beavers or you may want to be on a particular night of the week. There is plenty of opportunity to come and try and see any section that you may like or to just get a greater idea of what may be involved in scouting in Loose.

We also run a 4 week challenge from Kent scouts which is to encourage adults to have a go at being a Scout volunteer for 4 weeks and at the end you can get your very own badge as well to start your collection.

For these roles there is some mandatory training that needs to be taken to qualify you for the role of assistant leader in the section as well as the standard DBS check. This will allow you to carry out activities on your own but also give you a better understanding of scouting and what you can provided to the young people.

If you would like there is an opportunity to further yourself and through some further training modules you can obtain your wood beads, which is a traditional leader emblem which you can wear along with your group scarf. This will qualify you as a section leader and give you greater opportunities to organise and run the section activities yourself with the assistance of other leaders in the section.

There is always further training for specialist activities or events that can be organised to give you that greater challenge or a personal achievement. All training will be supported by the group and the GSL as well as a training advisor to help and assist you through any qualifications that may be required.

Helper or Occasional Helper

A helper or Occasional Helper can be as flexible or regular as you would like. You can help at specific section or be a general helper with the group. This can also be on the scouting side with the young people or with other activities we have as a group. Like general maintenance or upkeep of the HQ.

We value anytime that someone is willing to volunteer towards the group and really does help us keep the sections running. With leaders and helpers we also need enough to run each night and also each activity, without leaders and helpers we are unable to provide the programme and the time that we would like to, to the young people.

If you are a regular helper, ie more than twice a month then there is no specific training that you require (though you are welcome to challenge yourself) but we do have to ask you to complete a simple DBS check.

Supporters Committee

The Supporters Committee do a fantastic job in assisting to support and raise funds through various events and activities which bring a much-needed income into the group. The money raised really does help keep the costs down for the younger people to enjoy scouting. The Committee carry out around 3 jumble sales each year, as well as attending other local fetes and organising quiz evenings etc. The Committee is always looking for extra hands to make life easier with events etc and this may not need to be on a regular basis.

Valley Warden

By Becoming a Valley Warden you will join a core team of individuals who contribute to the up keep and maintenance of this large estate, which is a big challenge. The team volunteer time to repair and replace fences, keep footpaths free, manage woodland and the environment. The team is lead by the head warden and they meet a couple of times a month on regular Saturday work parties. 

By becoming a Warden you can help in the upkeep, security and management of the Valley and the facilities all year round. It is a great opportunity to be in the outdoors and explore nature.

There is regular work to be carried out in the valley with camps, activities or maintenance outside of the regular work partis. You don’t need any particular backgrounds or qualifications to do these jobs any training required can be provided on the job. It may be just as simple as having time to walk your dog through the valley and survey for certain issues.